Ways to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Aug 6th 2020

The moon is known as the controller of the tides and has been worshipped by cultures around the world for a long time. The moon goes through many phases, but the full moon is one phase that holds great significance for many. There are several festivals to prove it, including the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What is Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival celebrated widely in Vietnam and China. It's one of the main reasons thousands of domestic and international visitors come to visit every year, for a chance to see such a beautiful scene that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The Mid-Autumn festival is held to celebrate the full moon because it is one of the most sacred times in the Buddhist calendar. Not only because Buddha was born on a full moon, but because he attained enlightenment on a full moon too.

What are the Traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

In China, the celebrations typically start with a delicious shared meal, then afterwards it’s time to admire the bright moon and eat moon cakes. Mooncakes are the traditional snacks/desserts of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Vietnam, during the 17th century, Hoi An was an important port for the country that was always bustling with merchants from all over the world, including the Japanese who brought with them many different varieties of lantern shapes that they would hang in front of their homes. Since then, the locals began to imitate this in similar hopes of bringing good luck to their family.

How Is This Festival Celebrated?

The highlight of this festival is the lantern. Beautiful, multi-coloured lanterns in various shapes are lit with candles and placed outside the house or the river with a wish for luck, love, or happiness. In Vietnam especially, usually all lights in the Hoi An city are turned off at night, so the floating lanterns are all that illuminate Hoi An, creating a magical glow.

Things to Do at Mid-Autumn Festival

Have Dinner with the Family at Home

No festival would be complete without a feast, and the water lantern festival is no different. The common customs of this festival include family members eating dinner together, admiring the moon, and displaying lanterns outside the house.

Gift Giving

Gift giving is the most popular way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Trying to find that perfect present for family or friends to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival can be difficult, but understanding the traditions and gift-giving norms of the festival will help in picking out the right gift for them.

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At the end of the day, this festival gives people an opportunity to see their loved ones and celebrate together. During such an important time of togetherness with family, it’s important to enjoy the moment with loved ones no matter where the celebration is being held.