Perfect Snacks for Playdates

Aug 26th 2020

Preparing a playdate is not only about finding the right playmates or activities that kids can participate in. Snacks also possess a big role in making a playdate more fun. Not only is it a way to fuel kids' energies during their physical activities, enjoying snacks during playdates can also help entice picky taste buds and teach the value of sharing with their friends.

However, because most parents understand this, they tend to worry when trying to find the perfect snacks for playdates. Luckily, with just a little creative brainstorming, planning the perfect snack menu can be very simple to get done. Here are several snacks that are great for playdates!

Kale Chips

Looking for an alternative to potato chips? Kale can be turned into delicious snacks that kids will love. This snack can be easily made with dried kale leaves and olive oil. If kids love their chips salty, feel free to season with salt and ground black pepper while rubbing it on the leaves with olive oil. After that, proceed to popping the kale leaves in the oven to turn them into chips. At this point, kale chips can be eaten immediately or stored for up to 3 days (or when the kids’ playmates have arrived!).


This drink is among the ultimate last-minute snacks for playdates. First, making smoothies doesn't require particular fruits; anything that’s already inside the fridge will do. Second, most fruits have that natural sweet taste that kids love, so it’s almost impossible to fail at preparing smoothies. Third, fruit is packed with a lot of vitamins and fiber. These nutrients serve many purposes and are good for kids at any age. Last but not least, smoothies are very easy to make. Most recipes only require frozen fruits, water or milk, yogurt, and ice cubes.

Butter Cookies

Everyone loves butter cookies! There are so many ways to prepare butter cookies—you can make it on your own or get it at department stores. Whatever the choice is, make sure that the cookies delicious, made using finest ingredients, and baked to perfection. One of the best examples to choose as snacks for playdates is Danisa Butter Cookies. Its buttery and comforting taste can also make it one of the perfect snacks for playdates.

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles are great for playdates, especially if the activities that kids partake in will be done outdoor. This is because popsicles combine the freshness of fruit and the fun frozen texture. When choosing popsicles as snacks for playdates, make sure to present more flavor options by incorporating various fruits to make it a more delightful experience for kids.

There are many snacks for playdates that are easy to find, the perfect snacks are the ones that can be easily enjoyed by kids. So, look for snacks that are are small and easy to eat with a perfect texture and crunchiness, right amount of sweetness to bring their enjoyment to the fullest.