Traditional Easter Foods In 5 Countries

Jun 22nd 2017

Easter is celebrated by the Christians. It is not only just worshiping, and gathering with family, but also enjoying special traditional food. In some countries, there are traditional foods that are specially made to celebrate Easter. Take a look at what people around the world are serving as part of their Easter celebrations.

Pashka, Russia
Pashka means "Easter" in Russian. Pashka is pyramid-shape dessert made from cheese and often decorated with religious symbols.

Mona de Pascua, Spain
This traditional cake is quite popular in Spain. Mona de Pascua are served during holy week. Traditionally, the shape resembles a large doughnut topped with boiled eggs.

Hot cross buns, Britain
No British Easter would be complete without a hot cross bun. For hundreds of years, this sweet bun are very popular.

Tsoureki, Greece
Tsoureki is a sweet bread with wild berry essence. This traditional bread is often decorated with red hard-boiled eggs in the middle.

Pinca, Eastern Europe
Pinca is a sweet bread marked with cross sign. It is commonly eaten to celebrate the lent in Slovenia and Croatia. It is also enjoyed in some areas of Italy.

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