Smart Travel Plan Tips for Family Outdoor Adventures

Jan 22nd 2020

The beauty of traveling is learning to go with the flow and trusting it will all work out. But, when unexpected surprises or little accidents happen while traveling, being unprepared can turn a small thing into a big problem. Here are some useful travel plan tips to avoid chaos by preparing for the unexpected and being ready for any accidents.

A Little Practice and a Lot of Planning

Start by pitching a tent in the yard and having a practice run before the trip, so the kids get an idea of what to expect if it’s their first time camping outdoors. Do some research and book campgrounds early, look for one that’s not too far out in the wild, or at least make sure the campground has flush toilets and drinkable water.

Pack Light

Traveling light keeps everybody mobile and means fewer things to keep track of. This travel plan will give the family more time enjoying nature and less time carrying bags and things everywhere. Let the kids carry their own bags and be responsible for their things. Younger kids may not be used to carrying their own bags, so keep in mind that parents may end up carrying those when they get tired so decide ahead of time whether it’s better to share a backpack with the kids from the start. If it’s needed, try to use packing cubes or other bag organizers and assign each family member a color for their things.

Don’t Forget Snacks

A well-timed snack can soothe a sour temper or calm a temper tantrum. Kids tend to misbehave more when they're tired, hungry, or thirsty. So, the next travel plan tip is make sure to pack food that kids will eat on road trips—and keep it accessible. Thankfully, there are so many of easy-to-pack options for on-the-go snacks. For example, Danisa Butter Cookies. Made with an authentic Danish Recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies is a delicious snack to put a little pep in every step of the , and every family member is sure to love it. Enjoy the irresistibly buttery taste from high-quality butter and other finest ingredients baked to crisp and rich perfection.

Avoid Overdoing It

When doing an outdoor activity, choose an interesting route but avoid long travel times for short activities. Aim for one big activity each day and have a couple of optional activities in case there’s time and energy for them. Most kids are interested in what they can see along the route, rather than what's at the end of the road or trail, so give them time to play on their own, especially during a long outdoor activity.

Traveling with the whole family can be overwhelming, but be sure to use some of the travel plan tips above to make family outdoor adventures easier and more fun for everysone!