Best Christmas Markets to Add to the Bucket List

Nov 26th 2020

Christmas traditions differ from one culture to another. For example, one culture prefers to celebrate it with a simple family dinner while another enjoys a big celebration. Whatever it is, these celebrations have one thing in common: they have the purposes of spreading joy and bringing the feeling of warmth to everybody's heart.

In some places around the world, this intention is marked by the Christmas markets that everybody can participate in. With beautiful Christmas decorations and the singing of carols, these markets will amplify Christmas's atmosphere within the community.

Here are some of the delightful Christmas markets that you can visit from around the world!

Winter Village, New York City

Bryant Park is a must-visit destination in Manhattan during Christmas. This is mainly because of its Winter Village and the ambiance presented. At Bryant Park, Winter Village is a winter wonderland with various holiday shops that sell seasonal goods, delicious food, and holiday gifts. However, among all of these, the Winter Village is mostly known for its famous ice skating rink.

The Mount Pilatus Christmas Market, Switzerland

If this country is the place to visit this Christmas, make sure to attend the Mount Pilatus Christmas Market. Generally, this market has everything that usual markets present, such as seasonal decorations, treats, and toys.

However, unlike any other market, this one is placed on the Pilatus, which is 2.128 meters from the ground. In order to visit the Christmas market, people must take a ride with either a cogwheel train or with a cable car. But, despite the effort that has to be put in, the joy of the market will surely be worth it.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

This amusement park and garden is in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Each year, Tivoli Gardens will dazzle with Christmas decorations and fairy lights at its Christmas market. But, on top of that, there are various activities that visitors can take part in, such as the parade, firework show, and the cabaret.

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Christmas Wonderland, Singapore

Singapore is a small country, but the people sure know how to hold one of the most festive Christmas events. Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay is considered one of the brightest Christmas markets with hundreds and thousands of bulb lights and the fireworks display.

Christmas decorations and carols are some of the things to look forward to during the holidays. But, Christmas markets remain the main getaways to enjoy Christmas and share the moment with family, friends, and community.